Landpark IDA (Automatic DTA Import) - automatically import all your inventory results into Scanfree Pro.


Landpark IDA is not available with free Scanfree Pro licenses and must be purchased.

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With Landpark IDA (Automatic DTA Import), importing your inventory results can be configured to run seamlessly and automatically as a background process.


Landpark IDA relieves you from the lengthy process of importing your inventories manually into Scanfree pro database. By using Landpark IDA, you can:


  • Set up automatic import options => Inventory check date, location.
  • If the software needs to update already existing DTA files, you will no longer need to link older DTA files files to their location since Landpark IDA is capable of detecting their location.
  • If the software inserts new DTA files, you will be prompted to link the new DTA files to an existing location within a treeview control (this step needs to be done only once).


Landpark IDA is basically a program that automatically imports and updates your computer network data in your Scanfree Pro database. Scheduled checks are run every day at a specified time, detecting any new inventory result files (DTA) in your result folder. Landpark IDA imports your inventory results automatically and lets users focus on other tasks such as using other Landpark products.


Buy now Landpark IDA along with Scanfree Professional Edition.


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Scanfree IDA_Data Sheet
Automatic import of your inventories (necessary to facilitate your inventory automatic import)

  • Scanfree Professional edition must be installed.