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Landpark Scanfree is a reliable, precise, comprehensive and easy to use professional supervision tool that performs real-time analysis to provide you in few minutes crucial information about your computing equipment (+700,000 installed licenses).

Scanfree Professional Edition

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Scanfree, a powerful IT Management software, providing a comprehensive solution addressing the control of increasingly complex IT systems and helping reduce costs.

Scanfree will allow you to efficiently implement your hardware and software inventory tracking and management needs. Its rich functionality make it the ideal software tools for thousands of clients by helping them manage their computing equipment on a daily basis. You just received mail from an software editor asking you for a compliance audit of its software? Scanfree is the ideal tool to help you provide an immediate response on your Windows license keys and Office license keys (2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010).

Our customers are often faced with the problem of software managements and their rules of use, and must effectively manage their software assets without incurring major risks. They need quickly:

Buy now Scanfree Professional Edition at only 5 euros / PC to be immediatly operational with your inventories on PCs and software. And why not purchase immedialtly Landpark Snmp, Landpark Active Directory/OpenLDAP and Landpark IDA ? A plus with Scanfree: proceed your first inventories for example for your customers then empty the Scanfree database to make new inventories.

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Join now our partners (distributors and resellers) who rely on us for the inventory of their customers

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