Scanfree provides the kind of technical support that will help your organization address the most complex operational requirements.


A comprehensive Client Support Program

By choosing our standard maintenance contract, Scanfree® clients benefit from dedicated technical support. You are guaranteed that your calls will be efficiently taken care of by our hotline who will go out of their way to provide their expertise.


Active support for improved client assistance

Our maintenance contracts bring you all the benefits of quality service: Scanfree® offers first-rate technical support in order to meet your operational needs.


More about our technical support program

Our technical support web site provides software updates, patches, proactive email assistance, and online documentation. Product white papers, best practices, detailed feature descriptions and usage tips are examples of the resources that are available online.

You will be notified of software updates at all times.

You will also be able to create an unlimited number of incidents and contact our hotline during local office hours.

Incidents are submitted and processed on our technical support web site. Incident tickets are created online and queued until an adequate fix is provided.

More importantly, clients that require emergency assistance may contact our hotline to report their issue and receive expert advice.


Tel: 00 33 2 43 46 53 67



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