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Scanfree is a comprehensive solution that will allow you to efficiently implement your hardware and software inventory tracking needs. Its rich functionality make it the ideal software tool for thousands of clients by helping them manage their computing equipment on a daily basis. Easily deployable (NetworkIP via an IP console - DoInventory doesn't require deploying remote agents), Scanfree helps you better control acquisition, operational, and support costs by allowing you to implement strategic choices that will improve user productivity thanks to fine-grained control of your computing equipment. Scanfree will also allow you to provide your customers with effective inventory solutions. Inventory software is usually either targeted at blue-chip companies that require unwieldy and costly solutions to manage huge quantities of computing information, or minimal solutions that do not provide enough features for complete and efficient supervision of your computing equipment. Scanfree adapts to the needs of your company, whatever its size and structure, in order to empower your IT management staff with total control over their services, assisting them in their decision-making. Scanfree ensures a complete cost-effective control of your computing equipment and contributes to developing and improving business performance. It is also a great way to increase your sales with your customers by providing effective solutions. As a result, your IT equipment will evolve more reliably according to your requirements, while reducing your support costs, and helping you identify the least represented components that are far more expensive to evolve and maintain.




Landpark, comprehensive IT Asset Management and Itil Help Desk solutions. Landpark helps you achieve optimal management of your resources by providing state-of-the-art IT Asset Management and help desk software. Hundreds of major companies have benefited from our expertise in the field, IT managers have been able to exert full control over their IT resources. Founded in 1992, our company has acquired recognized expertise in PC software. The company has since consolidated its technological proficiency with a practical approach by constantly analyzing the actual needs of its clients.


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Landpark Manager (IT Asset Management software)
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Landpark Helpdesk (Service Desk software)
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Our company
Landpark Scanfree comes from our Landpark professional range of products and in particular Landpark Inventory. This is a safe, existing product on the market for nearly 14 years. Founded in 1992, Landpark has acquired a know-how recognized in the field of assets management software's. The company has consolidated since its technological know-how by a pragmatic approach and a constant analysis of its customers needs. Since 1998, the company - strongly present in the asset management software's marketplace was implied to many projects with industrial or services companies, large accounts and administrations. Landpark has a true technical know-how as regards as new software's and always knew how to make convenient choices on its strategies and developments. Several thousands of customers already bought Landpark software's. Landpark allows an increase of our activities thanks to our technological know-how on which the company capitalizes. While bringing today our competences - expertise and developments - Landpark SAS becomes today a major editor with significant number of solutions. Landpark invests a significant part of its annual sales turnover total in R & D. Capitalizing on the experiment of its customers; its software engineer's teams are permanently trained with new technologies.


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Founded in 1992, Landpark has been known to acquire a strong know-how into assets management software marketplace. The company has consolidated since its technology since by a pragmatic approach and a constant analysis of its customers needs. While bringing our competences, our company developed a great number of partnerships and customers with first objective to help them to control costs related to the operation of their data processing. It is in these terms and successfully that we became a major editor on whom our customers can develop better their data processing. Our teams profit from knowledge and know-how built up from years. Our competences are transmitted to ensure the quality of our software's and our image. The management team - with more than 20 years of experiment in the field of the software - was confronted very often with new software developments. Our company is knew to successfully finalize its objectives with motivation for its customers. Landpark provides you with the best IT Asset Management and help desk software, helping you achieve optimal management of your resources. Thousands of major companies have recognized our expertise in the field, IT managers have successfully been able to exert fine-grained control over their IT resources. Our mission is to :





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Order shall be made essentially over the internet through affiliated sites or online shopping centers administered by Landpark. Access to the service is guaranteed on a permanent basis, subject to periods for maintenance and service, operations to update the servers and any exceptional interruptions. Any order placed shall be considered to constitute acceptance of our offer of goods or services subject to these Terms and Conditions. Landpark proposes one form of purchase (for the good marketed on this site): downloading. The conclusion of the sale and the processing of the order are subject to the availability of the goods and services ordered as well as the receipt of your payment. Once your payment has been approved, you will receive an email confirming the order. Upon receipt of the email confirmation, you may connect to your Digital Locker by clicking on the access link included, then by identifying yourself using your email address and order number. The link for downloading is permanently accessible from your Digital Locker account. Once the software has been downloaded, you may install and activate it by using the activation code sent by email. An invoice will be sent to you immediately after validation of the order. The language which we propose for the conclusion of the agreement is French.


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The products purchased on the site shall be delivered by downloading. There are no boxed products.


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All products delivered electronically from one individual Member State of the European Union to another Member State of the European Union shall automatically be subject to VAT in the issuing state. Only clients outwith the European Union shall be charged without tax, provided that a declaration to this effect is made by the recipient of the product. Undertakings from Member States of the European Union trading with a different Member State of the Union (other than the country where they are based) must provide their intra-Community VAT number in order to be charged without tax.


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ARTICLE 9: Right of withdrawal

Pursuant to the provisions of Article L.121-20-2 of the French Consumer Code, you have a right of withdrawal providing for a cooling-off period of 7 working days starting form the receipt of the product or service during which the consumer may return the product without any penalty and without justification, with the exception however of electronic products or those that require the opening of an account, to which this right of withdrawal does not apply. With regard to the sale of electronic products provided for under the French Consumer Code, downloading implies the end of the right of withdrawal. Landpark will nonetheless permit you to exercise this right of withdrawal, which is subject to the return of the product and the prior agreement of customer service. For software distributed electronically, the return shall be made by courier accompanied by a declaration signed by the purchaser attesting that the programme downloaded and installed on his hard disk has been deleted. Should the Client exercise his right of withdrawal within the time limit granted, Landpark undertakes to refund him all amounts paid, with the exception of the charges for returning the goods, as quickly as possible and at the latest within the thirty days following the date on which this right was exercised.


ARTICLE 10: Liability

This agreement is governed by French law. Landpark cannot be held liable for the failure to perform the contract concluded on the one hand in cases involving force majeure, including in particular total or partial disruptions or strikes, especially of postal services or transport or communications systems, and on the other hand due to the fault of the client. The full liability of Landpark for every purchase which you make on the Store shall be limited to the replacement of the articles purchased that are acknowledged by Landpark to be unusable following an analysis of your claim, or to a refund if replacement proves to be impossible for any reason. Landpark cannot in any case be held liable to reimburse you any amount (with the exception of the price paid for the articles in the event of a refund) or for any damage resulting from your inability to use the goods on any grounds. Landpark cannot in any case be held liable for any damage caused to or related to the contents of the product. Landpark cannot be held liable for the consequences resulting from the improper use of the products sold on the site.


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